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Grenfell Historic Properties
St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Current Hours:|| Daily (9am - 5pm)
Winter Hours:|| Daily (9am - 5pm)
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Grenfell Interpretation Centre
Experience the spectacular legacy of Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, featuring many exhibits.
Grenfell House Museum
Explore the historic home of Dr. Grenfell & his family. A truly amazing journey into the past.
Grenfell Handicrafts Store
Browse an extensive selection
of handicrafts & souvenirs.
Many items locally produced.
Hike the Tea House Hill Trail
One of Dr. Grenfell's favourite activies. The trail offers you spectacular scenery & beauty.
Grenfell Park & Dock Facility
The dock services yachts and acts as a drop-off point for tourists. A great place to relax.
Spectacular Boat Tours
Northland Discovery Boat Tours offer incredible iceberg, whale
& scenery tours.
Sir Grenfell, Comic Book Hero
The harrowing tale of survival in 1908 northern Newfoundland translates into comic book form.

Chronology of Dr. Wilfred Grenfell

Brief History of Grenfell's Life, Awards & Honours

1865 Wilfred Thomason Grenfell born in Parkgate, England, February 28.
1883 Enters medical school at the London Hospital.
1885 Inspired by evangelist Dwight Moody to do God's work.
1886 Becomes a medical doctor and joins the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen.
1892 Comes to investigate the condition of the fishermen on the Labrador coast.
1893 Builds first hospital at Battle Harbour, Labrador.
1894 Grenfell Labrador Medical Mission formed.
1896 Makes first lecture tour of U.S.A.; starts Red Bay. Co-operative
1900 Chooses St. Anthony as headquarters for Grenfell Mission; acquires first hospital ship, Strathcona I.
1901 Establishes co-operative lumber mill at Roddickton.
1905 Starts orphanage in St. Anthony; Andrew Carnegie donates travelling library.
1906 Start of Grenfell Industrial Department.
1907 The Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George presented to Dr. Grenfell. Formation of Grenfell Association of America and Grenfell Association of New England.
1908 Brings reindeer to Newfoundland from Lapland; adrift on an icepan, Easter Sunday, April 21.
1909 Establishes non-denominational school at St. Anthony; marries Anne Elizabeth Caldwell MacClanahan on November 18.
1910 Birth of son, Wilfred Thomason, Jr.
1912 Formation of International Grenfell Association; birth of son Kinloch Pascoe.
1917 Birth of daughter, Rosamond Loveday.
1921 Builds brick orphanage at St. Anthony.
1926 Formation of Grenfell Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Grenfell has first heart attack.
1927 Knight Commander of The Order of St. Michael and St. George presented to Dr. Grenfell. New hospital at St. Anthony opens.
1928 Construction of marine slipway and dry dock in St. Anthony.
1929 Grenfell has second heart attack.
1931 Forbes-Grenfell expedition to chart entire Labrador coast
1937 Grenfell retires as Superintendent.
1938 Lady Grenfell dies.
1940 Dr. Grenfell dies.
1978 Formation of Grenfell Historical Society.
1981 Grenfell Regional Health Services established.
1992 The Grenfell Centennial.
1998 Completion of the Grenfell Masterplan.

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