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Tea House Hill Trail

This 20 minute walking trail provides an easy walk to the top of Tea House Hill and offers the best views of this sensitive forest area without damaging the environmental resources within.

Designed by Frederick Hann & Associates Landscape Architects in October 1994, this trail satisfies national park standards for walking trails.

There are interpretative panels and seating along the route to the top of the hill where Dr. Grenfell (and many town residents) used to walk to the scenic tea house, after a hard day of work.

A lookout is placed upon the original foundations of the old tea house. Sir Grenfell, his wife, and other colleagues are buried adjacent to this site, commemorated by memorial plaques. The trail also has three strategically placed viewing platforms overlooking the harbour, ocean and open country behind.

We suggest that you take an extra layer of clothing because the wind may make it slightly cooler at the top of the hill. Enjoy the walk!