Current Hours: Daily 8am – 5pm
Winter Hours: Daily 9am – 5 pm
Tel:  (709) 454-4010

Grenfell Interpretation Centre

Opened in 1998, the Grenfell Interpretation Centre interprets the life and times of Dr. Wilfred Grenfell through a gallery of interpretive paneling and displays.

The Interpretation Centre employs staff who greet and provide an orientation to visitors on the Grenfell Historic Properties, and the Grenfell Interpretation Centre.

The centre itself is designed to be self touring and to provide a more modern interpretative experience for visitors. A 14 minute video is shown daily to visitors to give a brief insight into the life of Dr. Grenfell and the work of the Grenfell Mission.

Browse Grenfell Handicrafts (on site gift shop) for an extensive collection of handicrafts and souvenirs. Many items are produced locally.